Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan

Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan

Have you ever tried playing a game in the role of a kidnapper? If you haven't, Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan online game from abcya 3 is the chance to try it out. You will keep four famous Youtubers as your hostages and beat them up to gain some money. Will you be able to fill your pocket in Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan?

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Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan GamePlay:

Oh no! A psycho fan kidnapped four famous Youtubers from ABCya play: Vegetta777, Rubius, Fernanfloo, and Juegagerman, all of whom were his hostages. In many normal games, the player will play the role of the hostages and try to escape. However, in this fun game for kids Youtubers Pinata Psycho Fan, you will play the role of the kidnapper and try to get some money from the Youtubers.

They are very rich thanks to the famous videos and you can earn quite a fortune from them. However, they are very stubborn and they refuse to give up their money. Only by torturing them will you be able to collect the money! You will have to hit them with the weapon and move your paper bag to catch the valuable items. Do you know why the abcya 3 game has the name of "Pinata Psycho Fan"? It's because you will have to hit the hostages just like the way you hit a pinata at a party. The harder you hit, the more money you earn. After having gained a certain amount of money, remember to pay a visit to the store frequently and buy more weapons.

These weapons are upgraded and they will help you to get rich even faster! The game is extremely fun, easy to play and suitable for players of all ages. Therefore, don't miss out on the chance to de-stress after a hard day at work for free with this unique game at https://abcya3.net! For more games like this, check out some options like Mutilate A Doll 2 and Bob the Robber 3


Play with your mouse.

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