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Iron Boy

Iron Boy

Iron Boy wants to see the world from the highest place. He decided to climb into the sky. In Iron Boy online game, your mission is to help him complete his journey full of dangers and excitements. He will highly appreciate your help. Enjoy calmful background music and an addictive gameplay at ABcya3. Have fun!

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Iron Boy GamePlay:

The world has many awesome landscapes and interesting things to explore. Iron Boy is a small iron ball who has a dream of viewing the world from above. He decided to fulfill his desire by climbing as high as possible to the sky with the help of your and various magnets.

He can’t walk, roll or run, so magnets play an important role and you too. In this abcya 3 free game, your mission is to assist him to complete his journey successfully. However, the road ahead is not safe and smooth. It’s full of deadly obstacles and once our boy touches them, he falls off immediately. These obstacles are spike balls. They are moving continuously between every two magnets which aim to stop the little boy. You must observe carefully and determine the right time to make a perfect step.

Choose a magnet in the right position to succeed in climbing higher and higher. This game is all about challenging your reaction and flexibility. Here at ABCya3, each successful jump is a level. Let’s play and see what is the highest level can you reach. If you like a simple but keep you entertaining for a long time, then this one is a great choice for you. It’s both fun and challenging. You must be skillful while acting fastly to go further. Just a little mistake, everything ends immediately.

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How to play:

Use your mouse to play the game.

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