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Kumba Kool

Kumba Kool

Kumba is an ape. He wants to collect the treasures from forest to desert. Are you willing to help in this endless adventure? Help him jump, run, dodge dangers and collect as many coins as possible in Kumba Kool. Don’t forget to get power-ups to go further

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Kumba Kool GamePlay:

Kumba hungers for treasures. This ape decided to start a long journey through a large desert to collect as many golds as possible. However, he can’t make his dream come true without your help. In Kumba Kool - a simple but addictive endless runner game at abcyaa online, you play as Kumba and on your way to become the richest ape in the whole planet.

What will you đo? You are a strong ape who can run a long distance but with the help of various power-ups along the way, you will actualize the dream of becoming the richest much easier and faster. Here at game abcya free, you must run, jump and get power-ups such as banana to summon a flying dragon which helps you fly higher or a powerful mech which helps you deal with various deadly obstacles.

You should remember that each power-up has a limited number of lives. You will lose a life everytime you hit the dangers. These deadly obstacles may be bombs, bullets, laser beams and so on. Ingeniously dodge them to save your life. With the coins that you have collected, you can use coins to buy more power-ups and upgrade yourself to be ready to face many dangerous things ahead. The most important things are to collect as many coins as you can, then you will become rich soon.

Enjoy this addictive adventure in the game. With simple but fun gameplay and nice graphics, you will have tons of fun here. Enjoy more fun with other choices of games at https://abcya3.net/ such as Fruit Slice and Apple Shooter


Use left click to play.

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