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Math For Kids

Math For Kids at abcya 3 is interesting for kids in which they can play and learn at the same time. With cute animal characters, the game is even more fun and enjoyable.

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Math For Kids GamePlay:

Math For Kids is an interesting math game, designed for kids. Kids always want to learn about the new thing in a fun way, so this game will meet that by helping kids learn and improve their math skills in calculations. Children can both learn and play at the same time at abcya for kids. They will learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It’s not extremely hard. It just helps them practice more.

As a kid, if they look at the number, they will feel bored and depressed immediately. This game replaces the number with cute animal characters suck as duck, fox, jellyfish, shark, dog and more. This makes the gaming experience more fun and enjoyable. Here at abcya3, they will count the number of the animal first, then perform calculations. The parent can play with kids to aid them in the calculation process. The difficulty will slightly increase after each calculation, requires kid to count and think carefully. The game has limited time but doesn’t require kids to finish a certain number of calculations. Your objective is to do as many calculations as possible within two minutes.

With each right answer, kids earn 10 points. Besides, the game offers 3 to 4 answers for kids to choose from, so you can give your own answer first, then match with the available answers to find out you are right or wrong. With simple but useful gameplay, the appearance of cute animals, this game simulates the child to think and learn. Kids will find this game entertaining. If you are looking for some games for kids, you always have the best choices at such as Countries Of The World Quiz and Draw Pixels

How to play:

Use your mouse to play.

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