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  • Countries Of The World Quiz

Countries Of The World Quiz

Countries Of The World Quiz

Are you confident with your knowledge of every country in the world? If yes, let’s test your geographic knowledge in Countries Of The World Quiz online at abcya 3

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You are able to tell the name of every country in an educational globe because they have the name on it. But just look at the position of each country on the map without the name, how many countries can you name? Let’s do a small test or prepare before a real test. Are you confident to get the best mark? Are you ready to start traveling around the world yet? Countries Of The World Quiz at abcya online consists of a series of quizes about geographic knowledge.

Where is North Korean? Can you locate New Zealand? What about Columbia? There are 3 levels of difficulty. You can set the one you want to challenge yourself. Each difficulty level has in total of 30. Let’s see how many quizzes you have the right answer. Remember that you have 100 points in the beginning. You will lose a certain point when getting the wrong answer. There is no limit on time, so you should look and think carefully before giving out your answer. To answer the quiz, you simply click on the location that you think the country is located.

Here at abcya 3, if you click on the wrong position in a single quiz, the game will give you hint. The game is fun enough to play alone, but it’s even better when you compete against your friends. Challenge your friends or family to find you who has the highest score and who is better at geography.

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Play the game with your mouse.

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