Mora Rush GamePlay:

Mora Rush - the ABCya 3 new game - tests your ability to come up with the suitable hand signs that are required to win the game. When you start on this 3D path, you will find that you are going up against so many different doors and portals. On the top of each portal, there will be a special icon that shows the sign it needs for overcoming the door. Guess the right icon and you will be able to break through that door in no time! If you haven't tried out the guessing game type, this game will be a good option for the first experience of yours!

It resembles that basic rock-paper-scissors game that we all played as the kids, but with a touch of arcade, adventure, and a new platform for exploration. There is no limitation on how many times you can replay this game as it has endless gameplay that allows players to retake for as many times as they would like. Different doors have unique colors, which can be one of the hints for you to guess the sign. Also, it's good practice to follow the prompts to change your fingers from one door to another, and don't stop in the middle of the game! There are a lot of unlocked icons, new challenges, and huge obstacles that require a few creative solutions to solve.

Bring your flexibility and brainstorming as well as luck to conquer the record board of this game from! Thanks to the high-quality resolution as well as the smooth graphic design, this game has attracted players of all ages. Even adults can enjoy the game without having to worry about the cost or any other distraction in the middle of the game! Plenty of new games such as Morphit and Dr Panda School will be good options embedded with new rules and spontaneous themes!

Controls: Click on the icons that you choose.

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