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Super Mad Digger

Super Mad Digger

Hard works will pay off in this abcya online game: Super Mad Digger! You will play the role of a mad digger and try to hold your breath while ascending underground. Not only does Super Mad Digger free game require a smart strategy but it also requires the suitable equipment. Will you be able to get rich after digging the gold at abcyaa?

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Super Mad Digger GamePlay:

Grandpa Peco gives his grandson a map which shows a hidden treasure. However, the treasure is deep underground, so it's gonna be hard work. Somewhere in the mine lay a treasure, but it was very deep. Therefore, he decides the contact the Super Mad Digger and asks him for a favor. Your task in this abcyaa game is to work as the digger and find out the location of the gold in the mine. All you have to do is dig deep and find the treasure.

The danger part of this abcya play game is that every time you go down, the oxygen will run out of. Only by collecting the gold will the oxygen level go up. If you fail to keep on collecting the gold, you will run out of oxygen. Or when you hit the rocks too many time, your energy will also decrease and the game will be over soon. Therefore, remember to keep check of the oxygen bar on the top of the game screen. There are some statistics on the amount of gold and rock which you have collected. You can use the gold you managed to dig up and buy some boosters from the shop such as the grenades and explosives.

If you are capable of using these boosters wisely, your descent will be much faster. It takes a lot of techniques and equipment to find the valuable treasure, but we guarantee that you will have the best playtime. Come and play more adventure games such as Surf Riders and Ice Cream at for players of all ages.


Move the digger with the arrow keys.

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