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Many bricks of different colors and shapes appear in this game Patterns Link at abcya3 puzzle. What is your goal? Observing you can also guess that the game's task is to collect all the bricks and have the same color shape in the game. Games have never been so simple. Because this same brick is being arranged in very messy positions. It is difficult for you to collect them because there are many different bricks around.

You can only collect all the bricks that are outside or can form lines perpendicular to each other. Try to create fun for yourself, then join the game and get started in an extremely interesting type of puzzle game. Unlike other games, this is like a new game genre and requires a lot of skills. Try to collect blocks that are adjacent to or around the outer border first. then from the outside, you will be able to move slowly inward. This game requires very fast timing. If you are slow the game will end quickly and you cannot complete the challenge given by the game. You will be released a lot of stressful moments and can train yourself to be the smartest and most agile brain without losing any time.

Please show off your agility. Become the top player on the rankings no one can match you with. sounds so appealing, right? I believe that with your confidence you can find yourself a lot of victory in this game Patterns Link at Remember to share the game with all your friends so that together can participate in one of the smartest brain games ever. Do not forget to enjoy in addition to a few other similar game genres Maze Control and Candy Blocks Collapse

Control: Use mouse to co-create the high score.

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