• Salsa Madness

Salsa Madness

Salsa Madness

Tortilla can’t live without Salsa. He must reunite with Salsa at all costs and it is your mission in Salsa Madness online - an interesting platformer game at abcya games

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Salsa Madness GamePlay:

Tortilla and Salsa are inseparable couples, but now they lost each other in the cheesy land. It likes they lost a half of their life if losing each other. You can’t stand still and look them go madness, can you? Find all the ways to help them reunite. And they won’t separate anymore. In Salsa Madness, your goal is to help Chappo Tortilla find his beloved Salve on the other side of the land.

Navigate across the land full of obstacles and dangerous enemies. Jump over all dangers to reach Salsa. This is a classic platformer game in which you have full of control Tortilla. Run and jump from these platform to those platform. If you see any bad guys ahead, be ready to jump over them. If you touch them, you must play again from the beginning. At https://abcya3.net, when finishing the current level, you will move to the next one with the same goal.

Try your best to help Tortilla swim in a huge bowl of Salsa. No special items, no rules, this abcya game is fun and relaxable, suit all of the ages from kids to adults. Simple but quite challenging, you will find yourself have a great time here. Like other games out there, as you level up, you will find it much harder to reach the finish line. The challenge in the game is the road is very slippery, as it is covered with cheese.

You are easy to fall down. So, try to control Tortilla flexibly and you will get what you want. Have fun! You can find a lot of fun games in our website. Symphony of Bones and Tank Trouble 2 is a perfect option that you should try.

Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to move.

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