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Perfect Hit

Perfect Hit

Tired of fighting and spending time on the nonsense battles? Want to play a simple but challenging game? Perfect Hit online at abcya 3 is what you are looking for.

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Perfect Hit is a challenging puzzle game in which your objective is to get the highest score as possible. Your journey is waiting for you with so many obstacles. Will you come to the end of the way? Give it a try and its challenges are sure to amaze you. So what is the rule of this game? It’s so simple.

At abcya games online, you control a ball to collect other balls on your way in order to make a ball chain as long as possible, then dive into the hole of the spinning target ahead. This process continues endlessly. The ball chain automatically runs. You just need to drag it to left or right to avoid all obstacles. The game requires you to react fastly because if the ball chain hits one of the obstacles, you will lose some balls. If the ball chain runs out, you lose. The more balls you have, the more chances for you to go further. This is a challenging adventure. You will see a bar on the top of the screen. It is your process bar that indicates how long the journey you must complete to move to the next level.

As the game process and you level up, you will find it harder to come to the target. The hole of the spinning target is in a different position each time. Diving the ball chains into it without losing any is really hard. Making a perfect hit is possible but rare at abcya3. However, practice makes perfect, then your score will be upgraded. Have fun! Besides this game, one of the best ones that you should play at https://abcya3.net/ is Snake Vs Colors and Stack Jumd. Don’t miss out!

How to play: Drag the ball to left and right by using your left mouse.

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