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Project Archer

Project Archer

Join an interesting duel battle in Project Archer, only you and a single enemy in each battle. However, nothing seems to be easy because it’s a survival battle. The last man standing will survive. Is that you or your opponent. Enjoy Project Archer online

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Project Archer GamePlay:

Project Archer is an awesome shooting game in which you don’t use guns or heavy weapons to kill your opponent but a bow and arrows. It's not a multiplayer battle and there is no cover or other choices here. Just you and your opponent who stand on a platform trying to kill each other with a bow.

If you want to survive, you have to defeat your enemy first. After killing an enemy, more and more enemies appear. One important tip that you have to keep in mind that you can kill your opponent much faster with a headshot. Of course, aim and shoot to the opponent’s is not easy at all but that’s why it’s valuable. If you can’t make a headshot, then quickly hit your opponent 3 times in different parts of the body to defeat him. This abcya game isn’t a turn-based shooting game, so you don’t have to wait for your turn. Just aim and shoot constantly. Maybe speed is the key to victory.

Act fastly or you die. You and your opponent are in the different in each battle. This gives you a refreshing experience everytime you play the game. Let’s see how many enemies can you defeat. This game is a great choice to reduce stress or relieve the anger. If you search for more fun games, visit and try out these following options Apple Shooter or The Spear Stickman . Enjoy!


Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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