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  • Stickman Archer 4

Stickman Archer 4

Stickman Archer 4

Stickman Archer 4 is an enjoyable aiming and shooting game. It features 3 modes that keep you playing for a long time. Aim and shoot all targets to earn scores and go further. Play all 3 modes to enjoy different gaming experiences. Which mode do you love the most? Have a great time with Stickman Archer 4 online at game abcya3

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Stickman Archer 4 GamePlay:

Games about stickmen are always simple but insanely fun and attractive. If you love both shooting games using the bow and arrow or a gun and stickmen, Stickman Archer 4 is one of the best choices that you shouldn’t miss. The game offers 3 game modes for you to choose from. You can enter the mode that you want to play first. Each mode features a different gameplay, so you won’t have a chance to get bored.

At free abcya 3, in arcade mode, your mission is to defeat all enemies by using a bow and 3 arrows. You have to adjust the angle and the strength of the shot to kill your foes before getting killed. Some power-ups are dropped down, so you can shoot them to earn more lives, extra time and so on. In wave mode, you have to aim and shoot the boards hang in the wall. You just have only three arrows to complete the mission. After 3 missing shots, the game ends immediately. Like arcade mode, power-ups are also available to assist you.

The final one at abccya games is gunner mode. You are put in a building with countless floors. You will move to the next floors using an elevator. However, each floor is guarded by a stickman. You have to shoot him to move on. Besides, you earn diamonds to upgrade your character and become a professional shooter. Are you ready to deal the challenges? Let’ start the show. Have more fun with tons of other games at such as Battleship Game and King Of Chaos


Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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