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Rio Rex

Rio Rex

Take on the role of a dinosaur in this city. Let’s transform into a dinosaur and destroy all objects in the city. Get started now on the game Rio Rex at abcya3 online games

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Rio Rex GamePlay:

Destroy everything with your moves. This is interesting, isn't it? Join now in the game Rio Rex at abcya 3 free online to become the fiercest fighting dinosaurs ever. With each level, you will unlock the next interesting goal that you need to achieve. Move forward and destroy all that is in this city. You cannibalize and level a city on the ground. Your goal is to grill all humans with your fiery breath so no one can escape this pursuit of yours. Please try to destroy all and not leave anyone behind. Move freely and enjoy the rest of the levels and the great things of the city.

You can run as fast as you can and confuse your surroundings with your steps. Run through towns and settlements so you can destroy everything in sight and wreak havoc among people on your own. Make up a lot of human creatures that are running away from your attack. Now you're a dinosaur no one can beat. So you can freely appear in this city, you can freely do what you want. Destroy everything if you like.

Please join us freely in this game and enjoy the best moments that the game gives you. Take your dinosaur to kill all objects and people around so that unlocks awesome levels behind. Have more fun in this game Rio Rex at https://abcya3.net/. You join the game to transform into the most ferocious dinosaurs. You will have a lot more experience when you allow yourself to participate in some other similar games like Shoot The Watermelon and Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

Control: use mouse to be able to move the dinosaur.

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