Save The Girl 2

Save The Girl 2

Fun puzzles that are fun and you need to find the answers is a very interesting game Save The Girl 2 at abcya3 games that will bring you a lot of new things.

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Answer all the puzzles with your wisdom this is a fun puzzle game Save The Girl 2 at abcya3 action games with lots of cute and funny actions. You need to exercise your smart brain and combine it with humor to win this game. Are you confident you are starting right now into the game? You will transform into a girl with lots of levels. Each level you will unlock into a different character. But this game requires you to escape the pursuit of all the characters in this game with your wisdom.

You can make banana peels so that the evil enemy behind you will slip and cannot catch up with you. Then you can complete the challenge given by the game. Likewise, other times you need to find items or other challenges for this evil enemy to have difficulty chasing you. it can be altered by moving with cars. But this is not difficult for you because you jump on top of all the objects in front and dodge their pursuit.

All the interesting things are in the game Save The Girl 2 at https://abcya3.net/. You will have a lot of fun and cheerful moments when participating in this mission. It's great that you can share the game and invite your friends to join the game to find you a lot of new fun in puzzles that combine intelligence and humor. Started adding a few other similar humorous game genres Bob and Chainsaw and Survive Alone

Control: Use mouse to be able to avoid the enemy onslaught.

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