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Save Your Home

Save Your Home

Fight all the enemies to protect your home in the online game Save Your Home at abcya3 games. You will destroy all the enemies. Ready now? Let's go!

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Protect your home with power cords. Save Your Home at abcya 3 free games is a survival idle action game where you protect your family and home from enemies by upgrading weapons and building ropes to block enemies. The effort you put into building the house of your dreams is huge.

The bad guys want to destroy it. And you have no choice but to fight. But you are alone and there are too many enemies. What weapon do you need to invent to take down most enemies? You need expert help. Are you ready to assist him in protecting the house? Play as a tech-savvy guy and invent wires that help him operate to fight. Join us to explore the online game Save Your Home at https://abcya3.net/. You will do very well in that task. We will be ready to feel a lot of interesting techniques.

You will use wires to prevent the movement of enemies. Move quickly and determine where to place wires to finish the opponent. It is very important to determine the position when placing the wire, it will contribute to reducing the enemy's speed and creating an opportunity for you to attack. Game with very new fighting techniques. This version has never had the above methods. Therefore, players will find it attractive. The battle for survival with the ability to resist all risks. Challenge all the opponents and share a lot of fun. Enjoy things that are fascinating and unique. There are many interesting games, you can experience some other games similar to Run Gun Robots and Space Module

Control: Use the mouse to set up the rope on the map.

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