Shot Shot - Who will be the king of basketball?

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Shot Shot

Shot Shot

The hottest basketball game on the planet is here - Shot Shot at abcya3 games sport. How many levels can you pass to become the king of basketball? Show your talent!

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Shot Shot GamePlay:

If you are a fan of basketball games, I believe you should not miss this interesting Shot Shot game at abcya3 games sport to have moments of relaxation after a tiring day at work. This game requires you to have accurate throwing skills and fast observation. The game will be divided into several levels with increasing difficulty. Your task is to throw the ball into a basket that is hung on the wall to gain points. In the first levels, the basket can stay in one position.

However, it can move without any rules if you overcome many challenges. The challenge will become even more difficult when you only have a little time to complete the task. The clock will count down and the time will pass very quickly. So you will have to constantly accelerate and accurately throw the ball into the moving basket on the wall. In Shot Shot at, you will get a specific goal to pass in each round. Time is very little so you need to focus and watch carefully to throw accurately. Try your best to accurately throw the ball into the basket to increase the time.

You can get more time to throw the ball and hit the target before time runs out. Are you confident enough to conquer Shot Shot and overcome all the challenges? This game seems simple, but it will also make you focus and practice skills continuously to achieve the best results. Do you want to experience more basketball games? We have a few similar games such as Tennis Open 2021 and Rowing 2 Sculls. It's a great time to relax and write your name on the leaderboards of all basketball games.

Controls: Use mouse to drag and drop.

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