Stack Challenges on ABCya3 - How high can you build your tower?

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Stack Challenges

Stack Challenges

Come to ABCya3 and join Stack Challenges online game to stack the blocks to the sky, as high as you can. Enjoy your time!

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Stack Challenges GamePlay:

If you are looking for a game that you can play to kill time as well as find fun, then congratulations - Stack Challenges is a good choice for you. Here at ABCya for school, all you need is to command a floating block to fall so that the higher block and the lower block overlap perfectly. And then your tower will grow higher and higher.

The gameplay is very simple, and you may find it familiar, but it hard to get a high score. If your blocks do not overlap, they will get smaller and smaller, and so it will come a time when you cannot match the blocks anymore. Thus, good eye-hand coordination will be the key to achieving a high score. Stay focused and try to act at the right time and in the right place. However, you should not wait too long to place a block.

The more time you spend waiting for the opportunity to place your block, the faster the block move, and eventually it becomes even more difficult for you to get a perfect overlap. So, take action as soon as you can! The game gives you many levels along with different challenges. And interestingly, your score will be saved after each play.

Join the game now to show us your skills and set the best results. You may want to play more similar games like Tower Challenge. Check out at our site and you can find new and fun games updated every day. Hope you have a great time!

How to play?

Press your left mouse button or tap directly on the game screen to stack blocks.

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