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Tower Challenge game is a fun and exciting reaction game for all ages at ABC ya 3. Tower Challenge game online challenges all your skills and reactions. Are you ready to put your name on the Leaderboard of this interesting reaction game? It is the time to show off your talent right now! 

Who loves the reaction game? Who has enough confidence to challenge your response? Join Tower Challenge game at Abcay and conquer all challenges in the game. Before starting this game, you will have the opportunity to choose the difficulty level of the game as easy or hard. 

To play this game, you need to practice and prepare some of the necessary skills such as the ability to react, the ability to observe, the ability to guess and the ability to calculate at different distances. Warning! This game is not easy to conquer. So, you need to focus on observing and making the right decisions.

As you can see, a green land appears at the bottom of the screen and boxes at the top. These boxes will move constantly to the sides at a fast speed. Your main task is to drop them so that the boxes are on the ground. This land is quite small, so you have to choose the exact time to drop them down on the screen.

To create a block of boxes, you need to control the direction of movement of each box to arrange them into a perfect whole. Try to arrange them carefully and avoid creating gaps because they are easy to break down and fall into the air. How many boxes can you place in a land in the game at abcya free games

With eye-catching graphics and the attractive gameplay, I believe that this game will bring you many wonderful moments in life. Don’t forget to explore more with Monster Adventure and Mortar Watermelon at! Share them with your friends! 

Use the mouse to play the game. 

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