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Sudoku Blocks

Sudoku Blocks

Do you want to be a jigsaw puzzle champion? Discover Sudoku Blocks online now at abcya 3 puzzle games for a lot of fun!

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Sudoku Blocks GamePlay:

Experience a lot of new features when you join Sudoku Blocks online game at The puzzle version is very attractive and full of fun things that will bring you new experiences. Let's share those unique and new things. You will make the player feel very attractive.

Together share a lot of fun and excitement with players with the puzzle game. Your task is very simple, take any piece and assemble it in the right position so that they form a closed array and disappear. A wooden block puzzle game meets Sudoku. Test your brain and IQ. Place wooden blocks in a 9x9 square and don't run out of space. Can you become the champion? What are you waiting for? Start enjoying Sudoku Blocks online now at abcya 3 puzzle games. Get ready for those thrilling experiences. Your task is very simple, we will make the players love it. You will test your agility and intelligence. You can also feel that your brain will integrate most quickly.

Together we will share joys and surprises. There is a difficulty here, you need to concentrate. Because you have times when you will be stuck because you cannot reach the block placement. Therefore, you need to calculate the steps so that it is reasonable. We need precision. If the blocks can't get close to the gaps. You will have to stop the game. The gameplay requires very high thinking, players need to focus to be able to solve the puzzles. Let's make the squares completely disappear. If you love this game, you can play some other games similar to Zen Sort Parking Puzzle and Mahjong Kitchen

Instructions: Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

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