• Trollface Quest Video Games 2

Trollface Quest Video Games 2

Trollface Quest Video Games 2

Meet devious prankster once again in the second sequel of series Trollface named Trollface Quest Video Games 2. Are you ready for a new trolling adventure? Solve all hilarious puzzles and test your patient. Don’t be mad if you are trolled by Trollface bec

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Trollface Quest Video Games 2 GamePlay:

A brand new trolling nightmare is waiting for you in Trollface Quest Video Games 2. It’s the second sequel in the famous series Trollface that many people around the world love. This game is a fun puzzle game that brings you back to your intense video game playing days. Here at abcya kids, you must make sense of every challenging situation that doesn’t seem to make sense.

Is it hard to understand? Well, just think outside of the box and follow your sense rather than think logically. By doing that, you may find the answer faster. Truly, you have to focus on the word “make sense of nonsense situations in more than 30 insanely crazy levels. You may feel being attacked when getting trolled or just laugh out loud and enjoy every moment. Each puzzle in each level is unique that brings you different challenges.


You can randomly click on several objects in level and wait for what will happen. However, only the correct set of clicks help you complete the level. The wrong one will troll you. Troll or be trolled? This super fun game will give you hours of joy and a barrel of laughs. Conquer all challenges by yourself or play with your friends to have more fun.

Surely, you can’t leave the game if you haven’t explored it fully. Have a great time! Bring a smile to your face with many different choices of games, such as Trollface Quest Internet Memes and Trollface Quest

How to play:

Use your mouse to play.

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