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No more torturing Buddy, a cute ragdoll, you will launch him to help him reach the target. Are you ready for that? Finish all levels in Super Rocket Buddy at ABCya right now.

Buddy, do you feel familiar with this name? He appeared in a game that aims to help you get rid of your anger by torturing him with different kinds of weapons. Suffering so much, it's time for him to have fun adventures and it’s also your time to have fun.

In Super Rocket Buddy at game ABCya, you will help him reach the target in each level by launching him. The target is placed in different positions at all levels and each level has 1 or more than one targets. The point of this game is how you adjust the angle of each shot. Perfect angle and you will reach your goal every time. Make sure you also aim for the diamond. With these diamonds, you will unlock new characters in the store.

On free ABC ya!, nothing is too hard or too easy here. And this game is suitable for all ages. It has simple controls as well. You just need to move and hold your mouse to adjust the angle, then when you got a perfect angle, let’s release to send Buddy to the target. 30 levels are 30 challenges and tons of fun. As you level up, more challenging will come and the targets are hidden somewhere that makes you hard to reach.

However, you will have some Buddies on each level. So if the first try fails, you can make a second try and more. Have a great time with your Buddy and you can find more Buddies on other games such as Kick The Buddy and Super Buddy KickThey are sure to give you the best experience.


Hold your left mouse to aim and release to shoot.

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