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Welcome to the exciting battle of the tiny tanks in a mysterious maze of Tank Wars at ABC at ya game! Control your tank wisely and destroy all tanks of the enemy in Tank Wars game for free in the shortest time. Are you ready to become the best player in the game? Good luck! 

The battle of the tanks always gives the player many exciting emotions. Here you will become the leader of the powerful tanks to attack and destroy everything in battle. Would you like to participate in an exciting battle of tiny tanks? This chance is for you! Jump into Tank Wars game at abcya free games and show your leadership talent. 

Before starting this game, you can choose 1 in 2 models: 1 player or 2 players. With each model, you get different experiences and emotions. So, I advise that you should try both of these models and give them some comments. What are you waiting for? Explore this game and conquer every challenge now! 

Imagine being trapped in a mysterious labyrinth of enemies. In it, you are alone with a large number of enemy tanks. You have only two choices: Try to fight to find a chance to survive or to be eliminated at any time. Which one do you choose in the game at Abcya games for kids

Here, your main task is to shoot down all the enemy tanks in battle before you are destroyed. Be careful because you will be attacked by a large number of enemies from all sides. To destroy the enemy, you need to destroy the walls and shoot continuously towards the enemy. 

A good tip for you is that you shouldn’t stand too long in the safe area because enemies can attack you at the same time as they have destroyed the security gate. You need to focus high and move fast before you are killed in battle. Don’t hesitate anymore to explore more with Totemia: Cursed Marbles and Mortar Watermelon at https://abcya3.net/. Good luck! 

The players can use arrow keys to control your tank, space to shoot. 

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