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Shoot the gun with your observation. This game challenge is an extremely difficult one. So your aim in this game Trz Cannon at is to shoot the gun and put the bullet in the basket. Sounds interesting, right? This is a game that requires a lot of skill. So you need to quickly join this game to find yourself a lot of interesting things. There will be baskets in front of you so you need to shoot cannons and bullets into them.

Every time you hit, you will bring back some points. And if you miss, you will have to try to shoot again from the beginning. You just need to hit it and you can overcome this challenge. With the first levels, this basket just stands still and has no obstacles. And the levels will later have countless deadly traps. It can be circular obstacles or large walls that prevent the movement of your cannon. You need to shoot how to go through the gap of the obstacles. Then find yourself plenty of opportunities to shoot cannons even more accurately.

Whether you can bring yourself the victory or not depends on your skills. Observe and train yourself to be a smart brain as quickly and accurately as possible to pass and unlock the level behind waiting for you. Quickly invite your friends to join the game Trz Cannon at shooting abcya3 games to share a lot of experiences in the most exciting ball shooting game. You can fully explore a few other types of intellectual ball shooting games like Arrow Twist and Brick Breaker Endless

Control: use mouse to dodge all and shoot accurately.

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