Vehicle Simulator 2

Vehicle Simulator 2

Hop in your favorite car and start a wonderful driving journey around the city. Feel the speed, feel the burning asphalt and more in Vehicle Simulator 2 online at online abcya games

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Vehicle Simulator 2 GamePlay:

An abandoned city is the best place for anyone want to play in their car. It means you can drive freely like whatever you want without worrying about a car accident or crash into someone. In Vehicle Simulator 2 - one of the best driving games at…, you will get what you want here if you have a passion for cars and speed. The abcya game allows you to enter your favorite car among several choices parking along the pavement and start exploring the city.

Driving around the map by day or night for more excitement, passing through the ramps and bumps, performing the amazing drift and more, this cool driving game offers various features for you to explore. You can control some stats of your cars and even change among 5 camera angles to enjoy many different experiences and feelings. Each camera angles bring you a unique gameplay. You can try all the cars in the game. It’s an abandoned city, so there is nothing here except you and your cars. Let’s leave your mark on all roads in the city, find secret passages, race tracks and more to satisfy your passion of speed.

At https://abcya3.net/, if you, unfortunately, crash into obstacles, don’t worry, you can continue your journey without any damage. Just launch your car again and keep driving as if nothing had happened before. This amazing game is the best choice for those who love car and speed, like adventure and exploration. Enjoy the most realistic driving experience ever. Have fun! After finishing this game, you can continue your driving journey with another choice such as Stunt Simulator and Transporter Hot Pursuit

How to play: Use arrow keys/ WASD to drive, T to enter your car, Spacebar to use handbrake, R to reload scenes, F to start your cars and C to switch cameras.

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