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Throw all objects around you to be able to destroy the enemy is your lover. Is this dumb? Start into the game Whack Your Ex 2 at ABCya3.net! Have fun.

Hilarious confrontation in a couple while in love on social networks. You will have a lot of great experiences that only in this game Whack Your Ex 2 at free ABC ya online can give you. Enjoy now in a challenge. Your girlfriend always takes selfies and posts all comments on social networks.

A stupid boyfriend is engrossed in playing games on his phone all day. Hence the two were dissatisfied with each other and they argued. You can solve this problem by throwing all the objects around you at the opponent. You will control both of them. There will be tables and chairs, flower pots, wine bottles, and lots of other things.

Please observe and depend on your preferences. Let's release the anger by taking it and hitting it. When someone runs out of energy they will have to end the game. Let's enjoy this entertaining game genre to be able to get rid of a lot of stress and fatigue. Throw all the objects that you have available to be able to destroy your enemies. Domestic violence is a very dangerous problem. But don't worry with this cartoon-style graphic you can just release a bit of anger in your chest by removing pictures of your boyfriend or girlfriend by throwing objects at them.

Let's enjoy and explore more in the next levels that the game Whack Your Ex 2 at ABC ya free sets. Invite your friends to participate in this entertaining game so you can share the best moments of cute cartoon graphics. You will have a lot more experience when you let your best friends join a few more people with similar games like Kick the Teddy Bear online at https://abcya3.net/


Use mouse to be able to throw all objects.

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