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Samurai Rampage

Samurai Rampage

Have you ever dreamed to become a famous Japanese swordsman? Make that dream come true in Samurai Rampage at abcya3 games. Fight now!

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Samurai Rampage at abcya3 games online is an action game that depicts the work of a talented Japanese martial artist. As you know, Japanese boxers have always been known for their professional sword fighting skills and have many top-notch skills in battle. They were taught and trained in the use of swords from an early age and loved the job. Japanese martial artists are also loved and become a noble profession that many people dream of becoming. So, let's experience the duty of a Japanese boxer in Samurai Rampage.

Here, you will have a dangerous quest to destroy monsters everywhere. They have escaped from the underworld and massively attacked the human world. Your mission in Samurai Rampage athttps://abcya3.net/ is to defeat all the monsters and complete the goal before they can harm humans. You will have a sharp sword and the ability to move flexibly. Whenever you see a monster, use your sword and slash it immediately. However, you will have to constantly slash monsters because they often appear in large numbers and everywhere. They will appear on all sides, so you have to watch carefully or you can be defeated from behind.

Do your best to kill as many monsters and earn as much money as you can. Because you can use this money to upgrade your power as well as buy more modern weapons to kill many enemies in one slash. What are you waiting for? This is a great time to show off your talent. If you love this game genre, you can try some similar games like Daddy Rabbit and Vex 6

How to play? Use your mouse to attack or tab on the screen if you play on mobile or tablet.

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