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Air Fight

Air Fight

Air Fight online game at… is an epic shooting game in which you are alone face various enemies. Will you able to win this battle? Check it out now!

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Engage in the air to air combat, would you be the survivor or death? Enemies are crowd while you are alone. How can you turn the tide of battle when in disadvantage? You are a legendary hero of your country now. In Air Fight online game, you have to fight to protect your homeland. Hordes of animes are coming with the goal of dominating the country. They are equipped with high-tech weapons and aircraft.

But with the witness and wisely strategy, you totally have a chance to win. You are only one who dares to stop their plan so they will pursue and shoot down you at all cost. Don’t let it happen. At abcya, you must control your aircraft tactically in order to shoot down all enemies while avoiding the attacks from your foes. You can easily turn aircraft for the desired direction to dodge your enemies. This abcya3 is not about who has more powerful will win, who has the best strategy is the winner. You must use the trick to make your foes collide on the ground to destroys them. So you not only take advantage of the weapons but also plan a great strategy.

Besides, don’t forget to collect power-ups falling down to enhance your aircraft. Remember that your enemies are too crowded, so you must be careful and act quickly. Try to kill them before being killed and survival as long as you can. Good luck! Many new games are coming. You don’t want to miss them for sure. Here they are Battleship Game & Tank Arena Enjoy!

Instructions: Use left and right arrow keys to turn aircraft for the desired direction, and use spacebar to shoot.

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