Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem - Finish all missions

  • Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem

Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem

Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem

Hey Batman! Gotham City is in danger. There are so many evils out there. Let’s stop them and save your city in Batman Missions: Gotham City Mayhem online at abcya 3 games

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Batman Missons: Gotham City Mayhem GamePlay:

Do you love heroes in the Marvel Universe? If the answer is yes, you will have a chance to live a life of one of the most famous heroes. Guess who? It’s Batman. In Batman Missions: Gotham City Mayhem, some criminals recently has appeared in Gotham City and brings the fear for all citizens here. Innocent people have never had a peaceful life once these evils come.

As a true hero, you can’t let this happen anymore. Let’s give them some lessons and show them that they don't want to mess up the city anymore. The abcya game requires you to complete 5 different missions. In each mission, you have to fight against a strong enemy and their army. For example, your first mission is to defeat two-face who is stealing bioweapon at the docks. Your second mission is to stop the riddler who is vandalizing the city and more. You use your special weapon to kill all of them. Here at, in each level, you have to kill their minions firstly, after that the true boss will appear.

Throw your batarangs into the criminals until their health bar drops o zero. During the battle, you must collect all the power-ups to defeat the enemies faster and easier. Sometimes, these useful items will be dropped from the body of your enemies. Don’t hesitate to collect them. Come and enjoy the best fighting experience ever. This game won’t let you down for sure. Have fun! More games are waiting for you to explode. Why don’t you try Fencing and Mondo Hop?

Controls: Use you left click to collect the items and throw weapons.

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