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Berry Jump

Berry Jump

Berry is a greedy hamster. He loves fruits and he wants to eat all of them. You must catch all fruits for Berry in Berry Jump online game at abcya 3. Good luck!

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Berry Jump GamePlay:

Berry goes crazy for fruits. He can eat fruits all day. Luckily, tons of fruits are falling down from the sky. He just wants to fly up to the sky and collect all of them. However, with 2 amazingly shorthands, he is able to fly and catch the fruits, but he needs your help.

In Berry jump, your mission is to tapping or clicking continuously to help Berry fly and eat fruits. Fill up his empty stomach with every fruit but bombs. Sometimes, there is a bomb falling down with fruit. If Berry touches it, he will fall and die at abcya 3 While keeping Berry flying all the time, you also have to click on the fruit. This makes berry use his long tongue to catch the fruits upward. This also helps Berry reach a higher height. Besides, collect as many coins as possible is also your submission. Here at…, you have to focus on the bar placed at the left bottom of the screen. If it’s too low, Berry needs to eat immediately. This bar should be full all the time. Don’t let Berry fall too low. You must keep him in the middle of the screen to keep him safe. With cute character, fun gameplay and addictive challenges, the game suit both adults and kids. It is not too hard but you need to carefully and act quickly.

How long the journey of Berry can last mostly depends on the speed of your hand. Hope you have a great time here. Try more enjoyable games at Some of the best choices for you are Snake 2 and Iron Boy


Use your left click to play.

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