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Welcome to the world of colors of Crazy Colors game at ABC ya game! Join a magic circle of colors and conquer every challenge in Crazy Colors game online. How long can you survive in this game? It is a great time for you to showcase your talents and interactions. Good luck! 

Crazy Colors game is an engaging interaction game that suits speed enthusiasts at ABCya 3 game for school. This game will require players to have some fixed skills such as interoperability, fast response ability and observation skills. Before playing this game, you should train speed and react ability in life. 

Warning! The speed of the game is very fast with complex puzzles. So you have to look carefully and calculate quickly to solve each situation in special cases. In this game, you will control a colored ball that will change color continuously in each case. 

Your colored ball will move into various labyrinths with different shapes. Your goal is to control the colored balls in the same colors in the shapes to overcome the challenges. The colored circles will rotate continuously on the screen and you have to wait for the correct time to connect the same two colors.

You should remember that whenever your color ball touches different colors, it will be destroyed immediately in the game at Abcya online. Therefore, you must carefully observe and calculate the appropriate distance to connect the different colors. 

In particular, the maze with different colors will constantly change the color and distance. Be careful with every move because your ball will be destroyed immediately in the game. You only have one turn, so try your best to move as far as possible and become the best player in the world. 

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How to play? 
Play the game with the mouse on the computer. 

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