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Royal Siege

Royal Siege

Stop all the invaders from entering the castle by playing the online game Royal Siege at abcya3 shooting games. Start conquering the challenges now! You will succeed!

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Royal Siege GamePlay:

Royal Siege is a game that shows your aiming and shooting skills Defend your castle from dragons and armies with a variety of weapons such as arrows, catapults, shotguns, and cannons in the game interesting. From arrows to catapults, shotguns, and cannons, you'll have everything you need to defend your castle and win.

You will fight to the end to protect your castle. We will play together and share a lot of playing techniques. You need to show off those special features. In addition to destroying opponents, you also need to think about prevention from a distance. Need to be very careful to not be passive as the enemy gets closer to the castle. Invite your friends to join and let them experience the online game Royal Siege at abcya 3 shooting games. You need to challenge yourself when playing this fascinating game. Together we destroy all invaders with various weapons.

Aim and shoot accurately to destroy all opponents. Move more professionally and skillfully. Complete levels, defeat dragons and their soldiers. The army is elite but will not be your opponent. You will win all of them. Let's play now and feel a lot of unique things. The gameplay is very simple, training you to perform shooting missions and be determined to find opponents. You will win your life by defeating all your opponents. If you don't fight you will be defeated. The feeling of winning is more fun than ever. You need to multi-task and get started now. Enjoy this fascinating game right away and you will succeed. If you like, play some other games similar to Modern Air Warplane WW2 and Dinosaur Eggs Pop

Game controls: Touch screen or use a mouse.

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