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Flying Cars Era

Flying Cars Era

Accelerate your forward to get yourself a high score right now in the game Flying Cars Era at abcya3 games. Luckiness will come to you! More fun!

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Flying Cars Era GamePlay:

Rush to fly with all these cars in the new era of driving. You can completely help your car fly through the air and overcome countless pitfalls. Do you believe that? If not then you join now to get started in the most adventurous game Flying Cars Era at abcya3 racing games. Initially you will drive on a steep uphill road.

Then your car will fly above all obstacles. The circles you need to go through them to be able to reach the destination. Move wisely. Find yourself a chance to win by these tough roads this game consists of 3 modes. Free driving mode, challenge, and race. Which mode do you like the most? Let's start with the challenge to experience the strongest feeling. Collect many useful items to help you soar through the air and overcome these deadly traps.

You can drive at a dizzying speed. But you also need to control your car the best. If it goes too fast, there is a high possibility that it will overturn and cannot be safe on this road. Give it strength and drive with your wisdom. Show off your driving passion in this high-speed game. You don't have to be afraid of anything. Drive on a wasteland and you are alone in this place. Feel free to explore it! It's great that you can join your friends in the game Flying Cars Era at to share and the most interesting things. Join a few other similar flying driving game genres like Death Driver and Top Speed Racing 3D

Control: Use the mouse to the same as your car in the fastest way.

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