• Bird Flying

Bird Flying

Bird Flying

Take the bird to explore all the new lands by flying around the place. Let's enjoy those great moments only in the game Bird Flying at abcya 3 games

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Bird Flying GamePlay:

Take control of your bird for amazing flying adventures. You just need to touch the screen to be able to control your bird. Easy, right? But every game was never so easy. Because it always has deadly pitfalls waiting for you. You need to control the bird avoiding all the deadly obstacles. But this game Bird Flying at https://abcya3.net/ presents many different pitfalls and its size is surprisingly large and small. So how can you keep your balance in the sky and go all the way safely together?

This, then, should depend on your skillful skill. Make your bird move up low to match the obstacles. Try to fly in between them and don't bump into them. It's all so bad you'll end the game right away. There are many in different scenes and enjoy this game in the most relaxing moments. You will give yourself a lot of satisfaction as you go through each difficulty level. You will feel extremely tense because obstacles ahead are waiting for you to explore them.

The game will have a lot of different landscapes waiting for you to unlock. So as long as you pass one level you will unlock a lot of the next level. Let the bird keep the best balance in this game Bird Flying at abcya3 and go through the pitfalls. It's great when you invite your friends to join the game so that together you can practice more skills. Enjoy much more in with a few other fantasy chat friends like 123 Draw and Kitty Scramble

Control: Use mouse to get to the finish line.

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