Gate Rusher

Gate Rusher

Gate Rusher has a simple but challenging concept which tests your reaction. Control your ball go as far as you can and don’t miss any gates. Play this cool game at abcya games

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Gate Rusher GamePlay:

Not complicated but not simple, not easy but not too hard, you will have an exciting experience in Gate Rusher at abcya 3. Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as you can when adventuring in an endless half-pipe road. The rule is easy to understand. You move your ball left and right as it automatically runs on the road directing it through various gates to reach the finish line. Remember not to miss any gates and don’t hit the visible walls.

This game is divided into tons of levels and you must complete the current level successfully in order to move to the next one. You can see a process bar in the top of the screen. It shows how long you can reach the goals. Here at…, as you level up, you will find the level of difficulty increases significantly as the running speed of the ball is must faster and in some levels, the gates don’t stay still but move constantly. The game challenges your reaction and your ability to observe. If you don’t act fastly, you hardly conquer this game. The gate placements are also changed. Don’t get mad and don’t give up if you have to play a certain level several times. It will make you more accurate.

Luckily, when you get hit in a certain level, you just need to play that one but not from the level one. This game can drive you crazy but you will be addicted to this game after several tries. It’s sure to amaze you with its simplicity. Have fun! Tons of games are updated regularly to https://abcya3.net. First, let’s try one of the best games you don’t want to miss is Big Big Baller and Ninja Invincible

How to play: Use your mouse or left/right arrow key to control the ball.

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