Get 24

Get 24

Get 24 at abcya is an interesting and challenging game related to math which helps players improve math skills and logical thinking. Are you good at math? Test it!

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Another game related to the numbers has just been added to abcya3 called Get 24. Look at its name, can you guess what gameplay of this game is? Well, the game offers you 4 random numbers and your mission is to add, subtract, multiply or divide to produce the final result is 24.

Each number can only be used once and there is at least one solution to each number. Most numbers have multiple solutions. It seems to be easy but no, don’t let it fool you. You have to think carefully to solve the problem in the most suitable way. Math is one of the hardest subjects and not everyone loves it. If you don’t put your effort with a little bit of passion, then you will give up on a single math problem soon.

But this game is really interesting. When you find the solution, you just feel like you have got an excellent mark in the real life. Here at abcya, you must calculate and think about how to use these 4 of given numbers to make a problem which turns out the result is 24. If you can’t make the number 24 from the four numbers shown, you can click on Answer to see the solutions. And you will be surprised at the number of answers are displayed in a puzzle. So are you good at math? Play this game and find out how good are you. This game is not only fun but also helps you improve your math skills as well as problem-solving ability.

A fun game gives so many benefits, why don’t you come and try right away? Enjoy more games at https://abcya3.net/ such as Blocks Match 3 & Hellokids Color By Number.

 How to play: Play with your mouse.

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