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Aboriginal people want to get rich by collecting lots of money bags in the game. Join quickly in this game can help your character become richer. With a very beautiful music graphics game, extremely simple design. You will be fascinated the first time you join Gold Coast at You just need to bring in the required score to successfully pass the next level of the mine. Many gems, diamonds, and gold with bonus bags have appeared in this underground. Please use a tractor. Then observe the position of these items.

Use your tractor to aim the most accurately and drop the rope down. Then you will be able to pull everything. But it's not always that simple. Because this game also has huge rocks and traps. If you are unlucky to encounter you will have to stop the game. Observe the position of the most accurate diamonds or gold and carefully release the rope. The game requires absolute observation and your skills to be able to collect. The game also asked about timing. If you know the end time you cannot mine the money offered by the game.

You are a failed player. Let's unlock a lot to the next level and experience a game of gold-digging in the heart of the world. It's fun, right? You will not get any more entertaining moments outside the game Gold Coast at abcya 3 free. Add an even more exciting game memory by joining with your friends to experience becoming the most professional gold-diggers ever. Starting with a few other categories like Coloring Birds Game and Push The Block

Control: Use mouse to dig all the gold.

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