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Gold Seeker

Gold Seeker

Gain as many precious metals and stones as you can and prepare to be the richest miner of the Wild West! Enjoy Gold Seeker at Game Abcya online!

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Gold Seeker GamePlay:

Do you like gold? And do you like to seek? Then Gold Seeker is for you. In the game, you take the role of a miner in the Wild West, and your goal is to gain as many precious metals and stones as possible.  

Here at ABCya Games, there are three different ranks of money in each level. And the thing is that if you want to pass a level, you have to earn enough at least the first rank of money in a limited time. So, the key to win is to collect the most valuable things first, then things which have a lower value.  

You have different types of precious metals and stones here, but gold stones will bring the best value, and black stones are the lowest valuable ones. Change your position by clicking the wheels on the sides of the game screen to make it easier to capture the things.

The game gives you 20 levels to challenge. Try to finish every level with the highest number of money and then you can purchase helpful tools from the store such as extra time, dynamite or a stronger hook. Remember that you only can go to the next level by overcoming the current one. Will you conquer all the levels and become the richest miner of the Wild West? Good luck and have fun!

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How to play? On the computer: Press the left mouse button to play. On the mobile phone: Tab on the game screen to play.

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