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Helix Smash

Helix Smash

The task is very simple. You will control the bouncing ball on a rotating tower axis through online game Helix Smash at ABCya3. Accept the challenge now! Good luck!

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Helix Smash GamePlay:

Helix Smash at free games ABCya 3. is a ball control game that bounces on a rotating tower block. The game is very interesting because it will train you to better observe and move accurately. If you have a lot of free time, you can play to overcome the more difficult levels of the game. You will definitely love it the first time you play. What are you waiting for?

New challenges are waiting for you. There will be a lot of surprises you discover when playing this game. What is your mission? Learn the rules of this game. Helix Fall is a very famous arcade game. Rotate the twisted tower to control the ball to keep falling. The ball must jump to a fixed crack and avoid obstacles to reach the next platform. The ball will bounce continuously on the rotating hexagonal tower blocks. Each time a ball bounces, it will create a crack on the surface of the hexagon.

Your mission will have to move right into the position of the colored cubes away from the black stain. Just like that until the shapes disappear to the end. Enjoy the fun! The game has a lot of levels. If you have enough skills to observe and move. You will overcome challenges easily. With vivid graphic design. Tower-shaped blocks will change color constantly, you will find it very attractive to play.

Do your friends want to experience the game? Join them to overcome the challenges and find the fun of the game. This is a great opportunity for you to experience other games similar to Helix Jump 2 at ABCya3.net 

Game controls: Use mouse

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