Lego Hidden Stars - Finding all stars in Lego world

  • Lego Hidden Stars

Lego Hidden Stars

Lego Hidden Stars

Check your eye lynx-eyed or not in one of the most exciting games at Welcome to Lego world. Your mission in Lego Hidden Stars is to find all stars. Enjoy!

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Lego Hidden Stars GamePlay:

You know that the game related to finding hidden things requires you to have a great observation. For example, in the game that you have to find the differences between 2 pictures. You have to compare them to find what differences here. However, it seems to be more difficult in the game that you have to find hidden things like Lego Hidden Stars. This game looks so simple but it’s really challenging. At abcya3, you have to collect all of 5 stars in a picture about Lego. It’s hard because these stars are blurred while the pictures are insanely colorful, so you will find it hard to observe.

Looking for what you need to find is so hard. You should look at the small part to make it easier to spot the star. If you look at the whole picture, you will not be able to find them because you will be distracted by the sharp details in the picture. Here at abcya, there is no complex rule, no time limited or no moves. You freely play as long as you want, even spend 1 hour for a level is just fine. You only unlock the next level when finishing the current one. By the way, the game also doesn’t offer any hint, so if you get stuck or something, you have no choice but to keep finding or giving up. Hope you can complete all the levels without getting stuck.

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How to play: Use left click to play.

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