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Magic Pom

Magic Pom

If you feel that other games make you feel extremely stressed, then coming to this game Magic Pom at abcya3 puzzle games you will have a lot of relaxing moments.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 10 user ratings

Magic Pom GamePlay:

Cute and funny cartoon characters in the game Magic Pom at abcya3 puzlle games. A cute simple puzzle game that will make you extremely relax and eliminate the stress of working all day. Connect 3 or more similar characters to check the time limit and achieve the goals. On each level, these characters look the same but with different colors. You need to link 3 or more faces of the same color to make them disappear. Sounds simple right? It's difficult when their positions are being jumbled up.

The more you link the number of characters with the same color, the higher your score will be, and the easier it will be to overcome the challenge. Don't let the number of characters overload things. This will make you have to use the game all the time. Give yourself plenty of relaxation and joy at the start of the task. Try to connect as fast as possible and watch as you incorporate many of your skills into the game.

This is wanted mainly to help you relax. Please pay attention to the time again. If you are slow and forget the game is timed, your goal will not be completed. Pass countless levels to find yourself some points. You can buy a few more lovable characters with the money you earn from the game. Don't forget to keep the game Magic Pom at to yourself, need to share it with your friends to find a lot of relaxing experiences together. How do you think you can join a few other similar connection game genres like Fisherman Sliding Puzzles and Merge The Gems

Control: use mouse to connect all lovely cartoon character

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