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  • Making Homemade Veg Burge

Making Homemade Veg Burge

Making Homemade Veg Burge

A great combination of fashion and cooking will bring you a lot of fun. Enjoy it now Making Homemade Veg Burge at abcya3 games online. Good luck!

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Making Homemade Veg Burge GamePlay:

Choose from a wide variety of your favorite outfits and dishes right now in the game Making Homemade Veg Burge at abcya3 cooking games. Are you ready? Because it's completely free online, you can join freely. First, you will come to the task of choosing a costume. Is a long curly hairstyle suitable for her? I think you should choose a dynamic short hairstyle. A dress is an indispensable highlight in this game.

What about this green dress she will wear on top? I think with will be extremely colorful. you should choose a few simpler objects. Add a pair of high heels to help her become taller. You can get yourself a few extra accessories like necklace earrings. Finally, it is up to you to choose the bag for her. She looks so chic with whatever you choose. When you come to the task of baking, you need to exchange all the available ingredients and games into a bowl. Milk, sugar, and cocoa. Then you need to hit them. Up you just need to follow the instructions that the game gives you can complete this dish already.

But you have to focus and be fast. If you are too slow, you will not be able to complete the mission early. When you make the dough, you will put it in the oven. Add the filling of the cake. If you are making a delicious hamburger, it requires a lot of skills. You can follow step by step what a game requires. Completing the mission you will start with the next objective. Wait for enough time then make them into the most delicious cake. Invite your friends to join this game Making Homemade Veg Burge at to find each other relaxing moments in cooking and fashion games. Discover a few more different genres of similar fashion fusion cooking games Super Burger 2 and Yummy Churros Ice Cream

Control: Use the mouse to give you a lot of mental relaxation

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