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Maze Lover

Maze Lover

Help the lovely boy meet his beautiful girlfriend when they get lost in the maze. Hey girl! Don’t worry, your boyfriend is coming. Enjoy Maze Lovers online at

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Maze Lover GamePlay:

Decided to explore the maze, a couple gets lost each other. Such a bad day. However, as a couple, they agreed that in every case, when they get lost, the girl will stand still and wait for the boy while the boy will find the girl. In Maze Lover, your mission is to help the boy reach his girlfriend waiting in another side.

The maze is complex and you just have a limited time to help them meet each other. Don’t make them disappointed. The game offers in a total of 15 levels full of surprising things and joy. However, to unlock the next level, you have to finish the current one. Look at all the ways in the maze to determine the shortest way without anything blocks you. However, time is limited, so you must hurry up if you don’t want to see this lovely couple cry. Here at abcya3, as you level, the level of difficulty increases significantly. The more complex the maze is, the more time you need to finish your mission. The game looks simple but actually not. You will be shocked by its challenges.

To succeed, it all depends on the ability to observe, to speed, and to react. You can enter the level and observe the navigation first after truly experiencing. Can you help the lovely boy find the right way and make gather together in this exciting game? Good luck! If you want to play more games or save them to play later, you can have tons of different choices at of the games that you shouldn’t miss out are Princess Cool Color Vs Warm Color & Disney Princesses Flower.

How to play: Use arrow keys to play this game.

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