Maze Of Infection - Kill all zombies to survive

  • Maze Of Infection

Maze Of Infection

Maze Of Infection

You are in the laboratory and just a small mistake you have revived zombies. Kill them all before you get killed. Join the online game Maze Of Infection at abcya 3 games. Let's go!

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Maze Of Infection GamePlay:

A top-down survival shooter game full of zombies. All that fear will be in the online game Maze Of Infection at abcya 3 games. You are the last survivor of a laboratory where mysterious experiments are carried out on poor people. Find your escape run through and kill dozens of zombies. You are alone, in a secret laboratory, not far from the big city.

You know you can escape from the building, you just have to run and fight for your life. 12 floors, full of scary monsters that want to eat you. Defend yourself with any weapon and run towards the exit. You will learn how to defend yourself as you fight evil zombies. You need to get your life back before they find you. This is the bravery of the hero. You are alone and there are many zombies. Do not be afraid! You will win! Invite your friends to the online game Maze Of Infection at Get ready to be able to break through and become the hero of this game. 12 different levels. Dozens of zombies. 6 different weapons. Different types of zombies and random placement in each level. You will feel a lot of new and unexpected things.

The view from above space also makes the difference in this game. It will not be too difficult to observe the locations of zombies. Stay focused and one step ahead of them. Kill all zombies to end their resurrection. You will improve the lives of the city, and prevent the danger of zombies when escaping. Let's play and enjoy some other games similar to Flamit and A Silly Journey

Game controls: WASD to move. Left click to shoot scroll to change weapon.

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