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How many useful items you can collect in Mummy Candies at Abcya? The answer will depend on your collecting skills in Mummy Candies. Everything is ready! Find!


If you are a fan of gold digger games, I suggest that you shouldn’t miss this chance to play Mummy Candies – an interesting game of collecting items at Abcya games. The gameplay of this game is similar to the gold digging games in the world. However, you will not become a professional miner, instead you will be a mummy.


Haha! Is it scary? No! It is very exciting and fun. What is your mission? What you need to do is to control a mummy correctly and help it collect as many candies as possible under the ground. Especially, mummy's arm will constantly move at high speed. So, this can cause many difficulties for you to control and collect candies.


Note that at Abcay, you will have a limited time, so you have to implement quickly and correctly to collect many candies as well as a large money in the game.


Don’t forget to use this money to buy some supportive tools that can help you increase speed or time in each level. Follow me and experience more with at Abcya. Play online and download for free right now!



Use the mouse to play this game

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