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Pin Water Rescue

Pin Water Rescue

Welcome to a puzzle game genre to help you get rid of a lot of stress. Hurry up to look forward to many an interesting level in the game Pin Water Rescue at abcya 3 games

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Pin Water Rescue GamePlay:

Pull out all the keys to unlock the water sources that appear in this game and help your car to be filled up by the water sources in the game Pin Water Rescue at abcya 3 games. Sounds appealing right? This is a completely free online game and you can participate in all your browsers without having to pay any amount. You need to open the water source to the tank of the cars with the same color together. If the map is wrong you will not be able to pass the game and will become a loser. Later, there will be as many as different colored water sources.

As well as water sources and you must not pour them into this car. It's hard, right? Try to control and think about which key is the most suitable to help your car receive the most complete water source. Don't pour black water on your cars. Your game will stop immediately. Try to bring a lot of experiences and smart brains. Find a way to solve this pattern and get the water source even more accurate. This is an intellectual puzzle game to help you to find the best and safe paths. Train yourself a smarter brain trying to win the maze with lots of different water sources and find yourself the most accurate path. Make sure your car can receive an adequate amount of water.

Collect as many different water sources to pass the level together and unlock more new experiences behind and waiting for you in the game Pin Water Rescue at Do not hesitate to join your friends in this game to share a lot of the most interesting moments with cars looking for a different country. You can completely explore a few other similar intellectual puzzle game genres like Stone Smacker and Dr Dice

Control: Use mouse to be able to drag all the keys.

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