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Quad Cops

Quad Cops

As a marshal, you have to ensure the security of the village. Catch all the bandits now with peppers and peas. Enjoy Quad Cops online game at abcya 3 net.

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Quad Cops GamePlay:

Use your bravery and wisdom to solve all of 20 interesting puzzles in one of the best puzzle game ever at abcya abc. These days, bandits appear everywhere in the Wild West village. As a marshal, you are responsible for ensuring the security and peace for the villagers. Don’t let them do whatever they want to do. Stop them at all costs. In Quad Cops online game, your mission is to help the cop catch-all crimes using foods.

Each kind of food brings him a different ability. Use them wisely to ensure that all bandits are put into prison. Here at abcya com kid, in each level, you have to use a specific way to catch the criminals. There are no two-level alike, so each of them will bring you an epic experience that you want to explore more in the next levels. Let the marshal eat what the current level offers such as peas, peppers and so on. Do you curious about the ability of these kinds of food?


Well, peppers make this marshal explode without damage. Peas make him fly up and hotdogs make him slide down. This pushes the bandit into spikes or drops a bomb to explode them. You should use them in the right order and moment to get the best result. This point is one of the challenges in the game. Besides, you may want to collect all horseshoes to complete each level with 3 stars. Observe carefully and use tricks wisely to reach your goals.


Hope you enjoy it and complete perfectly every level with 3 stars. You can find more fun games at https://abcya3.net/. Some of the best choices for you are Spongebob Gest Ingredients


How to play:

Use left click to play the game.

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