Vex 5 GamePlay:

Deadly traps appear a lot. Please join now on the game Vex 5 at to challenge yourself and give a chance to experience. Luckiness will come to you!

Control your character to jump and perform the most adventurous moves. A game is sure to bring you the fun you are looking for. Isn't it wonderful? Join now on the game Vex 5 at ABCya5 to not miss this opportunity. The game is the 5th sequel to the most engaging running and a jumping game about Stickman. Your one goal is the portal at the end of each level.

You will take on a role as an athlete in this race. Perform brave and pull moves and jump high. Try to dodge all the deadly obstacles from falling dirt blocks to spinning saws and fire weapons popping up all over this place. You need to use your skills to run, jump, climb, slide, and use different types of blocks to be able to reach the flags of the checkpoint and the exit in all difficulty levels.

Look for all the special blocks to help you escape from this place like accelerators or trailers. They are really helpful. You should not miss any items. Many long saws are appearing you need to jump high past them. This is a place like a maze and all around is deadly traps. You are confident that you will return safely to your destination. This depends on your wisdom. Use your ingenuity to conquer every challenge that the game offers in a time the game requires.

Why do not you share with your friends for such a fun game Vex 5 at ABCya free online to have moments of adventure together and perform the most adventurous action? Don’t forget to allow yourself to explore added a few other entertaining adventure game genres like Vex 4Vex 3 at


Use the arrow keys / WASD to be able to run/jump.

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