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Awful! Spongebob and Sandy have encountered a very dangerous crash and they need to be treated immediately in Spongebob And Sandy First Aid at ABC ya 3. Hurry up! Time is running out! Jump into Spongebob And Sandy First Aid game online and help them treat the wound. 

One day, Spongebob and Sandy decided to go out for a walk. Unfortunately, they have encountered a serious accident on the road. A car crashed into them at high speed and made Spongebob and Sandy fall unconscious. They need immediate treatment and they need your help. Play Spongebob And Sandy First Aid at Abcya games for kids and help Spongebob and Sandy become healthy. 

The special feature in this game is that both Spongebob and Sandy are in danger. So, you need first aid for both characters. Everything must be done at the same time and in parallel or you will lose a good friend. Do your best to save both characters and bring them exciting experiences in a new life. 

To treat both characters in the game at Abcya games for school, you need to follow the instructions on the screen at the same time. You don’t need to worry too much because all the first aid steps will be displayed by the arrow icon. 

One more thing, you should pay attention to the health column of the two characters. Whenever the health column drops, this means that Spongebob and Sandy are in a dangerous state. You need to continue the first aid step to avoid the health column exhausted. Look! On Spongebob and Sandy's face and body, there are many serious injuries with sharp spines and open wounds. You need to take sharp thorns and apply medicine to avoid infection for the wound. 

By all means, you have to save both lives and help them stay healthy again. Please act quickly and follow the rules in first aid. If you want to play more, you can follow this list of games such as Spongebob Coloring Page and Tooth Fairy Baby Care at https://abcya3.net/. Good luck! 

How to play?
You only need to use your left mouse to play the game. 

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