Steel Fists

Steel Fists

Release powerful attacks and K.O your opponents in the fierce battles to become the greatest fighter ever. Show no mercy! Play Steel Fists online game at abcya

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Steel Fists GamePlay:

Who is the best street fighter? Are you able to write down your name on the top legendary fighter of the world? Enter Steel Fists online game at abcya3 and prove that you deserve to be the best. It’s an interesting fighting game in which you have to face many enemies.

Imagined that you are walking on the street and a group of brutal people appear and attack you. What would you do? Fight against them like no tomorrow, show no mercy and write your name in the top of the leaderboard. Countless attackers run to you and aim to send you to another world. Of course, you won’t let it happen. Kick, punch and break their bonds with your power. At abcya, your enemies are crowded but you’re alone, so you can only rely on your strength and martial arts ability to survive. Along the way, you defeat any enemies approaching you, pick up weapons to knock out the enemies easier and collect food to increase your health.

You both defend and attack, dodge the attacks from your enemies, watch out your back and the front. As you level up, you will find it harder to win, but don’t worry, you have full potential to K.O all of them. Show them that they are not as strong as you and who is the true boss in the street. Try to survive as long as you can.

There are more enemies waiting for you ahead. Be ready all the time! Good luck! You can find a lot of amazing games at https://abcya3.net/ Check out  Heroes of Myths & Dominia. io

How to play: Use the left and right arrow keys to move, Z to punch and grab the weapon, X to kick and C to defense.

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