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Wheely 4

Wheely 4

Wheely 4 is back for a fourth problem solving adventure at ABCya3.net! This time he broke his wheel and need to visit a car service.

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Wheely 4 GamePlay:

Wheely 4 is back for a fourth problem solving adventure at ABCya3.net! This time he broke his wheel and need to visit a car service. Can you help Wheely 4?

Wheely 4 is the fourth season of Wheely series in ABCya 3. Our lovely red car starts his new journey. At this ABCya game, Wheely broke his wheel and he came to a car repair to get a new one. But at here, when he has his tire fixed, something went wrong.


The wheel has traveled back in time and needs to help to return home. What you have to do is to find the solution to help him continue his journey. Along the way, he will deal with many unexpected obstacles, so you must find some supportive items to keep him safe. Do not forget to collect the little car in each level.


Each level is a puzzle that you have to solve. You can only move to the next level if you finish the current one. Show off your skill and walk through all of 16 levels in the shortest time. At friv free Games, you can find many funny games such as Duck Life 5. The best online ABCay games website has many more games at ABCya3 for you!


How to play:

Level 1 is the simple part for the beginner. All you have to do is to follow the steps which are guided by the arrow directions. Here at the Abcya games online, a red car is being stuck in a coffee house, to help him out, you have to click on the red button above his head, unlock a gate and go to the target. But be careful, if you want to earn more gold stars, don’t forget to press on another red button and pull up the other red car which is hidden on a rickety town. Easy right? So don’t be hesitate, let’s start your journey.

Level 2: 

Level 2 is a brand new challenge for players. With the 4 different symbols, it demands you to use them correctly to help your car change a new tire. Here are some tips for you to pass through this level. After your car has stayed in the elevator, hurry up to click on the buttons as follows: hand symbol -the red circle button – a bar with circle head – a bar with cylinder head (pull it opposite with the clockwise). Tada, your car’s wheel is fixed. Let’s move to the next level. And don’t forget to find the hidden items which are required above. Remember that, you should observe the entrance and press 3 red buttons to find what you need. And now, having fun in Abc ya.

Level 3: 

Level 3 will bring you a new trial. What did you learn from 2 levels above? That’s right, you should find the hidden objects to collect 3 gold stars. The wheel is on a blue statue’s nose and the red car is inside the mouth of green statue. All you have to do is to use your mouse to choose correctly the cart that can pull up the correlative statue. Try to be skillful in making the path to the end point. Let’s win this game and have a fun time at Abcya.

Level 4: 

Be more careful! Because an elephant monster is waiting for you in front on the way. What should you do to remove it? Simply, you only need to throw a small rock into the volcano to help it erupt. Note that, as soon as the volcano erupts, a small red car will appear on top of the mountain. Hurry up to click on it and collect tons of gold stars in the game. Especially, an elephant monster will run away when the volcano erupts. Then, your final mission is to click on the red car to move the destination. What are you waiting for? Let’s play at Abcya Kids!

Level 5

Welcome to Wheely 5 with many dangerous obstacles at Games Abcya! Here, you will have to complete many different missions at the same time. You will push a rock off a cliff to make a wooden stick hit your car and push it up higher. Keep your eyes to observe carefully because a small red car will appear on the left side of the screen, click on it and earn more gold stars in the game. After climbing up, your next task is to push a rock to create a perfect path and help your car pass through the deadly traps on the way. OK! Level 5 is finished! It is very easy, right???

Level 6:

Haha! Level 6 is extremely simple! I bet that all players can overcome this funny level easily at Abcya game Kids. Here, keep your mind to observe a small red car that is hidden in the green grass in the mountain. Click to push this car to the ground and earn a lot of gold coins right now. Then, you just need to press your car to move to the red flag at the end of the road. Great! You have completed level 6. Are you ready to conquer level 7 of this exciting puzzle game? Have fun!

Level 7:

Unfortunately, after the end of level 6, a monster has swallowed you in the stomach. However, you don’t need to worry because you will have the chance to join an attractive race here. Pay attention to a small red car and click on it immediately after you see. Hurry up because this car only appears in the short time. Besides, in this interesting race track, your main mission is to press the red buttons to remove dangerous obstacles and help your car pass through all deadly traps on the way. Don’t forget to get more energy and complete level 7 in the shortest time. Let’s play at online Games Abcya!

Level 8:

Set in a labyrinth of obstacles, level 8 will challenge your intelligence and problem-solving skills in the game. Here at ABC ya, there are many different missions for you. With the first task, you will have to arrange the puzzle pieces in its proper places to remove a barrier. With the second task, you will press a red button to turn your car and reach the destination. The last, another important mission for you is to find a small red car by clicking on the car models in a box to get three stars in each level. Good luck!


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